What is value of a "5 d" Queen Elizabeth II postage stamp issued by Australia?

by David Colson
(Glendale, California, USA)

The stamp has never been mounted (unhinged) in a stamp album. The stamp has never been used (un-franked). The Queen's image faces to the right border of the stamp. The black ink monochromatic markings on the stamp vary in density and style showing a "gray-scale" on an off-white stamp paper stock, which portrays a framed image of the Queen wearing an interlinked, ringlet-styled jeweled crown. The country name "AUSTRALIA" is blocked, banner-style, at the bottom of the stamp, under the "head & shoulder" image of the Queen and enclosed in a full-stamp border which matches and surrounds the framing of the Queen's image. There are 13 equally spaced rose-like buttons fastening the inner frame and the immediately adjacent outer frame boarders. The "5d" face value of the stamp is shown in the upper left corner of the stamp, within the double framing and located directly behind the Queen's crown.

I do not know, but would like to know, the year that the stamp was made(?) and subsequently issued(?).

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Feb 24, 2013
Issuing Mint Mark
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your response. The picture of the stamp shown by the first respondent accurately portrays the stamp that I described earlier. Closer examination of the QE-II postage stamp issued in 1959 by Australia revieled a single issuing mint marking under the “d” which appears to be a “dot” or an “o” or an “e” as determined by the naked eye without the use of a magnifying glass. I have some additional questions:
1) What is the name of the minting facility?
2) Where is the minting facility located (city)?
3) How many of these postage stamps were issued?
4) What is the approximate value of this postage stamp?
Thank you for your help in answering my questions and for providing any additional pertinent
information. Dave

Feb 21, 2013
Australia Stamp Question
by: Anonymous

Hello David

Could this be the stamp you are describing?

It is a Queen Elizabeth II Stamp and was issued in Australia in 1959

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