what is the value of a queen Vic 1865/67, 4d vermilion stamp?

by paul clark
(Brighton, UK.)

I have a 1982 Stanley Gibbons stamp 30th edition checklist and the Queen Victoria 4d Vermilion stamp is listed at £225 unused and £15 used, what is its current value.

I also have a Queen Victoria 2d two pence stamp that has Victoria printed at the top of the stamp ( in an arched form) and the words "stamp duty" printed at the bottom of the stamp, in the middle, but on each side, the number 2 is printed.
I would also like to know the value of 2 Queen Elizabeth 2nd stamps, they are £1 Windsor Castle blacks and in VG condition, in 1982 they were listed at £125 each, what is their current value?

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