Value and information please!

1 red one penny -1862. Perforated. Misaligned perforations at base and right side. Corner letters on bottom edge only. H & possibly K? No numbers in scroll down sides. Postmarked WC 11, London WC Jan 15. Value please?

1 brown one penny- 1872. Perforated. A & G top corners and G & A bottom ones. Numbers in scroll along side obscured by the post marks of 112. But think I can make out a 1? 9 or 169? Stamped with Braintree(?) Apr 22. Value Please?

1 half penny Orange embossed cover dated but not sure what it reads! Possibly Glasgow 8:30pm SC 15 96 and 29 on post mark. Deciphering and value please!

1 half penny green- 1904(?) postmarked Dunkeld, D, Oc 5 04 and a 113/8 below. Second post mark starts with a Troch.... with a capital A below it. It was heading to Oxon. Deciphering and value please!

1 one penny Purple - 1899 (?) Young Queen Victoria I think. Postmarked with Worcester 8:30pm Jul 4, and a 918 to the side. A 2nd postmark is on the rear where I can see 2 letters , CK then a ?:45 am JU 15. So the following day. It was destined for Hinckley Leicestershire.

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