Topical Stamp Collecting

Topical Stamp collecting is a term used to describe a stamp collection of a single Topic.

Also know as a Thematic Stamp Collection

For example you could collect Stamps with the Topic of animals like the Stamps below from Transkei

Animal Stamps

You could also include First Day Cover Stamps with an animal Theme

Topical stamps - Animals

Maybe add a few Stamp Presentation Packs or Post Cards

topical stamps - woodland animals

Your stamp collection could be more specialised by only collecting say...

Farm Animal Stamps,

Woodland Animal Stamps,

Domestic Animal Stamps...

Zoo Animal Stamps like the Stamp set below from Guernsey

topical stamps - Zoo Animals

This would make your Stamp collection range a bit easier to manage,

Still to big a collecting theme?

Maybe start with just one animal,

Dog Theme Stamps like the GB Stamps below

Topical Stamp Collecting is only limited by what you decide to collect,

I am sure with the many Thematic Stamp sites to browse you will find an area of interest to you!



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