Stamps in Boxes. Where do i start?!?!?!

by jem

omg. iv recently moved in with my boyfriend and being the female i have the job of sorting all the spare rooms and boxes..... i am just sorting the spare room and i come across this box. I open it and it is chocka block with stamps... both old and new. there must be a million if not more! this is a sizable box. i spoke to him and he said he used to collect them as a boy, and said to throw them out. but im a bit of a collector of anything really and dont like throwing stuff out... now he has a few the same and a few that are individual1?!? can anyone tell me what im looking for and how to look after them? some are stamped so they have been used, some are envelopes that are signed and are from different ages and some are in a black case never used or stuck down. so any advice would be lovely" thankyou"

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Aug 17, 2013
Stamps in boxes
by: Anonymous

You can go to the Library and take out stamp catalogues, as long an you know what countries you want to check.

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