Several Lots for Exchange

by Gary

I’ve been collecting stamps off and on since 1949 and I specialize in world wide pre-1955. I have lots of duplicates and post 1955 issues that I have accumulated that I would like to trade.

There is a list of the lots (with pics) that I have available to trade at:

I really don’t have a want list, if I do have preferences I prefer British Commonwealth countries, Europe and Scandanavian countries. If there is a spot for it in the Scott International Albums, I welcome it. I collect worldwide pre 1955, stamps only, no covers, blocks or back of the book.

What works best for me is trading Scott Value for Scott Value that enables both of us to share the higher value stuff without fear of being short changed.

If you have any interest in one or more of these lots, send me your comparatively Scott Valued lots and I’ll get them off to you. Or if you’ve got something else that would work better for you let me know. I’m pretty flexible.

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