Queen Victoria Stamps

Old English Law... Still in effect???

It is an act of treason to place a postage stamp bearing the British monarch upside down.

Queen Victoria Stamps Started with the Line-engraved issues,
The first Stamp being the 1d Black 6th May 1840

Penny Black Stamp

The Next Queen Victoria Stamp Issued 8th May 1840
is the 2d Blue.

2d blue queen victoria stamp

Feb 1841 the 1d red brown Queen Victoria Stamp

1d red brown queen victoria stamp

The Last imperforate issue is another 2d blue Queen Victoria Stamp
Notice the addition of white horizontal lines.
Issued 13th Mar 1841

2d blue with white lines queen victoria stamp

The Next Issues of Queen Victoria Line Engraved Stamps are Perforated


  • 1d red brown stamp 1848 - 1855
  • 1d rose red stamp 1856 - 1861
  • 2d blue stamp 1854 -1858

The Next Issues have Letters in all Four Corners

  • ½d rose red stamp 1870
  • 1d rose red stamp 1864
  • 1½d rosy mauve stamp 1860
  • 1½d rose red stamp 1870
  • 2d blue stamp 1858
  • 2d blue thinner lines stamp 1869

Queen Victoria Embossed Issues

  • 1 shilling pale green stamp 1847
  • 10d brown stamp 1848
  • 6d mauve 1854

Later Printings of the 6d had the Gum tinted green to enable the printer
to distinguish the gummed side of the paper

Surface Printed Issues 1855-1901

Can be grouped by

  • No Corner Letters
  • Small white corner letters
  • Large white corner letters
  • Large coloured corner letters
  • Lilac and green issue
  • Jubilee issue