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by Anon

Dears , I have a loads if stamps with me and they are a lots si I can only sit down and show you the all lots. Please help me go get value hie them at your convenience . Feel free to contact me anytime any days even today . Thank you so much.

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Apr 18, 2015
When in question ask
by: Anonymous

Hello,Well those Queens are Fantastic,most look used,although the fact is only an expert can validate them,the only thing I can suggest is for you to bring the lot,to the World Stamp Conference in New York City.This summer,2015,Also you would be in good hands to bring them to an auction house,there are lots around.Hope I was helpful.

Apr 25, 2014
worth more the value
by: Anonymous

hi,just to correct the last comment,these stamps
are worth more then face value.
the page with the bicoloured stamps are gb queen victoria about 1890.from what i can see this is a
part set ,should be 12 stamps in set.All together
the stamps on this page are listed in stanley
gibbons at about £250,the higher denominations being worth the most.You might sell for about
10-30% of this price, which is condition dependant.
The army officals are cat about £3.00 each.
The page of penny reds are harder to value, because the scan is not clear enough.
I would guess about a cat price of about £30 each
some could be worth a lot more or a little less.
Once again i must stress the selling value would
be about 10 - 30% condition dependant.

Apr 21, 2014
The value of old stamps
by: Anonymous

Old stamps are worth nothing more than there face value unless you have the correct certificate that tell's a different story sorry i wish i could have been more help

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