How rare is a KGV halfpenny with the perforations JMT & Co

by Prospector

Hello,I've been collecting for close to three years now.Its truly amazing and I enjoy all the aspects of the hobby.What I first started was the desire to make money,but the more I studied the more intriqued I became.Now I'm interested and love all of the hobby has to offer.The first stamps I aquiered were from a Yardsale,which I paid two dollars for,there were about 100 of them,all from Australia.And as i learned more about them I discovered they were from a Specialist Collector.Now I seem to have educated myself about,them.There is alot I've learned about them thanks to the internet.My studies with the stamps takes me away for hours a day. At least four hours that is.Well I'm going to join a Stamp Club soon,at this time I'm collecting them from around the world,and from different time periods,which is very interesting.Another interesting point is I'm not to keen on selling any of them,I'm in love.Although I probably going to part with one or two,in order to acquire more.Thank you,

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