How rare is a KGV halfpenny with the perforations JMT & Co

by Prospector

Well I don't know much about the stamps I have in my collection.There are two or three hundred of them.They are all used.I'm not really interested in selling them,just like to know,in case I do decide to part with one,or to in order to acquire more.I love the hobby,and all of its aspects.It is truly,a hobby,of which I spend Hours viewing them.Errors,missprints,perfs,shades,dates,and more.Yes the stamp in question is common,but because of the perfins I thought,it would be scarce.Also,it is what I believe to be a Cypurs Green,Like I mentioned,not an expert,I've only been collecting a year.But at least two,or three,hours a day.Well thank you for your assistance,and any help would be appreciated.Yes,I forgot to mention,the thrill is in the hunt.The greatest enjoyment is Everything.Sure,money is what it is,but this hobby is going be a business someday for me,The first stamps I acquired,were from a Yard Sale,which turned out to be all,rare and scarce,for the price of $2.00.So much to do,Also,I hope to sell one or two,to finance a vacation to the World Conference Stamp Show,in New York City this summer.Stamp collecting,is an Hounerable Hobby,and I am forever greatfull to a friend who said to me one day,"Hey,Do you want to goe to a Yard Sale"?So there is my beginings in the world of stamp collecting.

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