have lots of old stamps, need advice on value

by Amanda

TUC first day cover 4d x 4 unused x 1 used

3 used stamps from Ceylon

1 unused says 'International Cooperative Alliance 1895' 1/-

1 unused says 'Royal Astonomical Society 1820' 1/9

one unused says, 'Declaration of Arbroath 1320' 5d

2 unused welsh 1s

one unused says 'Florence Nightingale 1820-1910' 9d

one used says 'ulster 71 paintings' 3p

one used postmarked 1971, says, 'british legion 50th anniversary' 3p

one used postmarked 1968 picture of Queen Elizabeth 1st, 4d, also says, artist unknown circa 1576/Harrison

2 more with Harrison on them, from 1967, paintings I think one is 3D the other says one shilling and sixpence

2 others from 1969, 5d and 4d

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