Can you tell me the value of 61 MNH 1923-1948 Silver Wedding King George VI and Queen Elizabeth 1. Commonwealth (34 from 1/2d to 3d) and Protectorates (27 in own currency):

½ d Green, Gibraltar;

½ d Green, Cayman Islands;
1d Brown, Turks & Caicos Islands;
1d Green, Nyasaland;
1d Pink, Nigeria;
1d Purple, Gilbert & Ellis Islands;
1d Red, St. Lucia;
1d Red, Dominica;
1d Green, Malta;
1 ½d Orange, Northern Rhodesia;
1 ½d Orange, Barbados;
1 ½d Red, Gold Coast;
1 ½d Red, St. Vincent;
1 ½d Red, Pitcairn Islands;
1 ½d Red, Grenada;
1 ½d Black, Gambia;
1 ½d Blue, Basutoland;
1 ½d Blue, Swaziland;
1 ½d Blue, Bechuanaland Protectorate;
1 ½d Pink, Sierra Leone;
1 ½d Brown, Bahamas;
1 ½d Brown, Bermuda;
1 ½d Brown, Jamaica;
2d Black, British Soloman Islands;
2 ½d Green, Fiji;
2 ½d Blue, Falkland Islands;
2 ½d Blue, Montserrat;
2 ½d Blue, Falkland Islands Dependencies;
2 ½d Blue, Virgin Islands;
2 ½d Blue, St.Kitts-Nevis;
2 ½d Blue, Antigua;
2 ½d Blue, Leeward Islands;
3d Black, St. Helena;
3d Black, Ascension;

1 Anna Red, Somaliland Protectorate;
1 As Red, Aden;
1 ½ Piastres Purple, Cyprus;
1 As Red, Aden Kathiri State of Seiyun;
1 As Red, Aden Qu’aiti State of Shihr and Mukalia;
3 cents Brown, Trinidad & Tobago;
3 cents Red, British Guiana;
4 cents Green, British Honduras;
5c. Purple, Mauritius;
8 cents Red, North Borneo;
8 cents Red, Sarawak;
9 cents Blue, Seychelles;
10c. Purple, Singapore;
10c. Purple, Hong Kong;
10 cents Purple, Malaya Kelantan;
10 cents Purple, Malaya Penang;
10 cents Purple, Malaya Perlis;
10 cents Purple, Malaya Malacca;
10 cents Purple, Malaya Selangor;
10 cents Purple, Malaya Negri Sembilan;
10 cents Purple, Malaya Perak;
10 cents Purple, Malaya Pahang;
10 cents Purple, Malaya Johore;
10 cents Purple, Malaya Kedah;
10 cents Purple, Malaya Trengganu;
20c. Orange, Kenya Tanganyika & Uganda;
20c. Orange, Zanzibar;

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