Benham Covers

Benham Covers have dominated the British cover market since the late 1970's

This page will give you an overview of the GB First Day Cover Series.

Benham Engraved Covers (BE) Also know as Woodcut Series.

This Series started with The British Bridges Stamp Set 1968 A Very Rare First Day Cover now that originally cost 35p and now sells for £200.00

Benham Engraved Series finishes with the Coronation Stamp Set in 1978

Benham Official Cover Series (BOCS) First Series
Starts: 1978 Energy Stamps Issue
until: 1980 Christmas Stamps Issue

Benham Official Cover Series (BOCS) Second Series
Starts: 1981 Folklore Stamps Issue
Until: 1984 Christmas Stamps Issue

Benham Official Cover Series (BOCS) Third Series
1987 Flowers Stamps Issue

Benham Official Cover Series (BOCS SP) Special Series
Starts: 1971 Year of The Child Stamps Issue
Until: 1981 Royal Wedding Stamps Issue

Benham Luxury Series (BLS) Silks
Starts: 1982 Charles Darwin Stamps Issue
Until: 1984 Economic Summit Stamp Issue

Benham Luxury Cover Series (BLCS) Silks
Starts: 1985 Trains Stamps Issue
Until: 1997 Commonwealth Meeting

Benham Covers Definitive Series (D) Silks
Starts: 1982 Stanley Gibbons Booklet Stamps
Until: 1997 Commonwealth Label Pane

Benham Luxury Silk Sets (BS)
Starts: 1980 British Birds Stamps Issue
Until: 1997 Christmas Stamps Issue

Benham Luxury 22ct Gold Covers (GOLD)
Starts: 1985 Famous Trains Stamps Issue
Until: 1997 Commonwealth Meeting

Benham Special Gold (SPG)
Starts: 1986 Queen's 60th Birthday Stamps Issue
Until: 1997 Castle High Values Stamps

Benham Covers Limited Edition Series (L)
Starts: 1981 Royal Wedding Charles and Diana Stamps
Until: 1996 Cinema Stamps Set Issue

Benham Luxury Star Cover Series (STAR)
Starts: 1984 Mailcoach Stamps Issue
Until: 1990 Queen Mother's Birthday Stamps Issue

Benham Coin Covers Series
Starts: 1994 D-Day Stamps Issue
Until: 1996 Motor Car Stamps Issue

Benham Miscellaneous Covers (MBA)
Starts: 1980 British Conductors Stamps Issue
Until: 1996 Christmas Stamps

Benham Luxury Small Silk Regionals (BSR)
1983 - 1990 Regional Definitive (Machin) Stamps

Benham Luxury Silk Postcard Sets (BPC)
Starts: 1981 Royal Wedding Charles and Diana
Until: 1994 Christmas Stamps Issue

Benham The Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Light Railway Cover Series (RHDR)
Between 1977 and 1980 a series of 15 covers were produced. Each cover was carried, seen with either a single Stamp or Full set

There are also Some Channel Islands, Australia, New Zealand and Falkland Islands Covers in the 1980's Period

I hope you find this List of Benham First Day Covers Series useful

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