below are old stamps, want to know of value, or how to find out.

by gay morse
(Little cayman, cayman islands )

80 cent republique rwandaise gorilla on front.

0f30 republique malgache butterfly
1968 mexico olympics 20 f magyar posta
5 cent Malaysia butterfly
1.55 L posta romana scarecrow on front
2D august 6th, 1962 Jamaica , jamaican playing a horn
1/2 cent Dominica , man on the moon stamp
10 cent /first man on the moon U.S. stamp
8 cent Tom Sawyer U.S. stamp

a 6 stamp series from 1933 from Internationale Postwertzeichen Ausstellung Wien
rocket stamp
mountains and truck stamp
small plane stamp
ship with sails stamp
horse and carraige stamp
large ship stamp

if you have any info, I can scan the pictures and send them to you. thanks, Gay Morse

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