An idea of value please

by Edwin Lee
(Greater London)

Red & Blue

Red & Blue

I thought the franking - 'British Industries Fair' might be interesting and perhaps infrequently found.

British Industries Fair (BIF) was a trade fair held for an number of years at Olympia exhibitions halls (I think) in London and in Birmingham. I went with my father to the London show as he had some suppliers who exhibited. I was 10 years old at the time and remember going but not many of the details.

The letters are addressed to my maternal grandfather (deceased) who was a minister in the Salvation Army.

I am loathe to just put them in the bin as possibly they might raise a few 'bob' for charity.

NB The link to your Privacy Policy seems not to exist so I cannot be certain that the policy actually exists and ticking the box is necessary but meaningless

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