A Few Unused UK Stamps 70's to 80's?

by Mark Shaw

I obtained these stamps via a house clearance several years ago and they have been left forgotten about in a draw ever since.

Looking around on sites like your own this morning, I think they range from the 70's and 80's? And are from England, Wales & Northern Ireland.
None of them are used and some are still on a strip.
Was wondering if they are worth anything, or if they are best off put back in the draw for another day?

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Jan 31, 2015
Worth or not NEW
by: Anonymous

Listen, there are stamps from 1920s and they are really worth. Then there are stamps that are still unused and even more worth. So, the question is, "Are 70s/80s or 60s stamps that are used/unused worth. First, the unused are more worth than the used, that is logical. However, for a collector, even the 80s stamps are worth something. It is basic knowledge that a collector will collect mainly historically worth things, especially those which are famous and generally known (e.g. famous paintings) but in the world of stamps, there isn´t much public knowledge about it. I doubt one 80s stamps would be very much worth, but a collector would still buy it if he hasn´t got it yet. That said, there are collector that collect quality, others quantity ans the third kind is the ones that collect both and they are plenty out there. Just imagine a collector being aware he doesn´t have a stamp that exists. There will always be worth in them. If you would let them be inherited by your children or grandchildren, than in 50years they would be really worth a lot of money. Now push it another 50years and you could potentially have a fortune-that is, if they are unused and rare to find. But even used ones would be worth a lot.

Jan 05, 2015
A Few unsused UK stamps NEW
by: Legal eagle

Your best bet would be to stick them on a large envelope for postage. They are all still valid for postage and that is about all they are worth.

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